Environmental Policy

Higher Kings Mill Limited seeks to manufacture environmentally friendly biodegradable paper products from recycled materials and reduce the environmental impact of its operations by:
  1. Implementing and maintaining a documented Environmental Management System meeting the requirements of ISO14001 (certificate available here) and subject to regular internal and third party audit.
  2. Reducing the risk of pollution arising from its activities.
  3. Minimising the use of energy, water and other natural and manmade resources in its manufacturing process.
  4. Maximising the use of recycled products in its products.
  5. Ensuring compliance with relevant laws, regulations and Trade Association requirements at all times.
  6. Continually improving environmental performance vs. annually revised targets and goals which are measured and reviewed on a regular basis.
  7. Promoting environmental awareness to all employees, as appropriate, through training and the promotion of ownership and involvement.
  8. Implementing and maintaining systems which meet the chain of custody requirements of PEFC and FSC®. For more information on FSC® and our up to date product group list, please contact us.