Higher Kings Mill, EX15 1QJ, Cullompton, Devon
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Your finest manufacturer of paper

Higher Kings Mill Limited is a professional paper mill with a great tradition, where all paper was made by hand, one sheet at a time, by specialised labourers.

We are continuing the papermaking process since 1757.

Decades of experience proves that Higher Kings Mill is devoted to manufacturing one of the finest papers on the market

As specialists in the paper making and paper industry, we are providing the highest quality paper in a wide range, including coloured paper, paper cut to bespoke sheets, and  also the  offer of specialist papers, such as soap wrapping, wallpaper liner, anti-fungal paper, tube-winding paper and coreboard.          

All of our finished paper products are 100% recyclable and sustainably sourced.

Besides providing the best quality custom made paper, it is also important for us to improve the range of services, offered in a mill.

Higher Kings Mill’s machinery facilities, handled by the team of experienced and skilled engineers and operators, enable our factory to undertake the orders for laminating papers, tinting papers, coiling (including narrow width coiling) and cutting/sheeting.

We also offer several paper conversion processes such as re-reeling, colour collating and shrink wrapping. 

Our qualified team makes sure that our customers always receive what they require, however if you need any specific information, do not hesitate to contact us.

Paper remains the standard to which digital media can only aspire.

Leah Price