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Rolls of paper

Otter is our standard range of filing papers, available in ten basic colours. Ideal to create transfer files, document wallets and many others.

Suitable for cutting, creasing and folding.


Grammage: 120 – 320 gsm


Bespoke makings available

Otterbrite is our premium range of filing papers, available in sixteen bright and pastel colours.

Perfect to create suspension folders, spring files and others.

Thanks to a wide range of grammages it is suitable for cutting, folding and creasing.

Grammage: 120 – 320 gsm


Bespoke makings available.

Intensive and Vivid paper is our highest quality range. A juicy, colourful palette to support shades from our other products. 

It ensures that there is always a colour to meet the most creative ideas!


Grammage: 120 – 285 gsm


Bespoke makings available


Our Filing Papers are perfect materials for many application.                 

Easy to cut, fold and crease. They can be used to create any filing materials including:

* Suspension Files
* Dividers and Indices
* Document Wallets
* Square-Cut Folders
* Spring Files
* Transfer Files
* Three Flap Folders

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